How to Write an IT Resume
A Techie-Friendly Guide to Creating a Great Resume

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: 10 Keys to a Resume that Jumps

  1. Start strong
  2. Use appropriate structure
  3. Include necessary components
  4. Say enough but not too much
  5. Use action verbs
  6. Focus on achievements
  7. Quantify your experience
  8. Avoid typos and errors
  9. Write like a marketer
  10. Use effective formatting

Chapter 3: Get It All Down

  1. List your companies (5 min)
  2. List your positions (5 min)
  3. List your duties (25 min)
  4. List your achievements (35 min)
  5. List your skills (5 min)
  6. List your attributes (5 min)
  7. List your degrees + everything else (5 min)
  8. Reorder your lists (5 min)

Chapter 4: Create an Outline

  1. Choose the right resume structure (5 min)
  2. Insert section headings (1 min)
  3. Insert building blocks (5 min)

Chapter 5: Make Your Work Experience Jump

  1. Write crisp, resume-ready bullets (40 min)
  2. Adjust for relevance (10 min)
  3. Choose your position layout (10 min)
  4. Reorganize your position content (15 min)
  5. Quantify, quantify, quantify (15 min)

Chapter 6: Write a Compelling Introduction

  1. Give yourself a title (5 min)
  2. Insert your skills (5 min)
  3. Identify themes and highlights (15 min)
  4. Write attention-grabbing summary (20 min)

Chapter 7: Edit Like a Pro

  1. Check the length (1 min)
  2. Mark up your document (20 min)
  3. Enter your changes (10 min)

Chapter 8: Create a Clean, Professional Format

  1. Get started with MS Word (1 min)
  2. Choose a font (5 min)
  3. Format your headings (5 min)
  4. Format your intro (15 min)
  5. Format your experience (15 min)
  6. Format your education (5 min)
  7. Adjust spacing for scan-ability (5 min)

Chapter 9: Edit and Format ... Again

  1. Edit again (15 min)
  2. Format again (15 min)
  3. Compare to other resumes (20 min)

Chapter 10: Final Thoughts

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"I’ve reviewed thousands of resumes in my career and can safely say IT professionals have more to gain from resume advice than any other field. Most techies come to the resume game with a big disadvantage: they don’t write well, and they get little professional practice at it. Compare this to marketers, lawyers, reporters, and lots of others who get paid to write clearly, concisely, and correctly every day.

Yet techies also have a big advantage when it comes to resumes: their work is heavily project-based, and those projects usually require clearly-defined skills, clear goals, and clear results. This gives techies lots of unique, quantifiable achievements – the magical ingredient for resume success.

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About the Author
John Nicholson, Resume Writer

John Nicholson has 13 years of experience in marketing, IT, and career development. He is an accomplished resume writer who loves helping job-seekers sell their skills and experience to employers.

Prior to starting Resumes That Jump, John launched and led Geico's internet marketing division. In his four years there, his team increased channel sales by over 50% each year. His experience working with a leading brand, and with emerging technologies like online social networks, helps John turn job-seekers into savvy marketers.

Earlier in his career, John spent three years at Brainbench, an IT skills assessment and certification company. He recruited and led a 400-person team of global IT professionals and reviewed thousands of resumes in the process. John also spent four years at the Mercatus Center, a research think tank, where he led a number of projects analyzing workplace and job market trends.

John graduated with a bachelor's degree from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

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